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DoorSense™ Installation Guide for August Smart Lock Pro

First, decide how you would like to install the DoorSense™. August provides two options for installation: a surface mount and a flush mount installation. The surface mount installation requires the use of a screwdriver only. The flush mount installation will provide a cleaner and less visible look with more robust performance, but does require drilling a ⅝” hole into your door frame.


Surface Mount Installation

The DoorSense™ will come partially assembled for the surface mount installation with the magnet enclosure inside the housing and you will only need a screwdriver for this installation.


What’s in the box


What you’ll need to provide


1. Determine mounting location

For optimal performance, DoorSense™ should be mounted within 1.5 inches from the edge of your door frame, and within 1.5 inches from the top of the extended deadbolt.


NOTE: If you do not have a flat door frame or you have a perpendicular wall directly next to your door, the Door Sense can be alternatively installed on the perpendicular wall. The deadbolt should still be used as a guide for the recommended height of the DoorSense™ installation.


2. Attach mounting tape

Remove one side of the adhesive backing. Attach to the back of your DoorSense™, making sure to align the edges and screw holes. Remove the other side of the adhesive backing.


3. Place on door frame

Press the adhesive side of the DoorSense™ on your frame in the proper identified mounting position. Make sure to align the pill shape vertically.



4. Screw into frame

Hand tighten your DoorSense™ to the frame using the included screws.

NOTE: You may wish to complete this step until after your lock is set up and calibrated to ensure that you are able to retrieve accurate door state readings before modifying your door frame.


5. Attach the cover

Press the cover onto the DoorSense™ unit.


Calibrate your Lock

Once the lock is set up, navigate to the Lock Settings and select Calibrate Lock and select LOCK AND DOORSENSE.  Follow the instructions in the app until you have successfully calibrated your August Smart Lock Pro and DoorSense™ together.

Open and close the door and validate that the door state is accurate. If it is not accurate or the calibration was unsuccessful, relocate the DoorSense™ housing closer to the August Smart Lock Pro and go through the calibration process again until you get accurate results.

If you elected to not insert the screws into the door frame, go back and insert the screws into the housing and secure them into your door frame or wall and place the cover over the housing.

If you notice that your readings are not accurate over time, perform another Door State Calibration to see improved performance.



Flush Mount Installation

You will need a drill and a ⅝” drill bit for this installation.

If your door frame is hollow metal, a surface mount installation is the preferred method. If you do choose to flush mount the DoorSense™ unit, take extreme care not to drill the hole too large as to let the magnet assembly fall inside.


What’s in the box


What you’ll need to provide


1. Remove magnet from housing

Using a small blunt object, push the magnet carrier from the housing through the center hole. This may require some force.


2. Assemble magnet to cap

Expose the adhesive by removing the blue backing. Press the cap onto the notched side of the magnet carrier. The two shapes should interlock.


3. Determine mounting location

DoorSense will be flush mounted into the frame of your door, so your Smart Lock swings away when the door is opened.

DoorSense™ should be mounted no more than 1.5 inches from the top edge of your deadbolt strike plate, centered on the frame.


4. Tape drill bit

It may be helpful to attach tape to your drill bit to mark the proper depth of hole to drill. DoorSense™ requires a 1/2 inch deep hole, but it may help to use the assembled DoorSense™ as a guide.


5. Drill hole

Drill the hole in the proper location on your door frame, keeping the drill straight and steady.


6. Insert DoorSense™ into hole

Insert the DoorSense™ into the hole. If it is too snug to push in by hand, you can protect the frame with a piece of scrap wood and use light blows with a hammer or mallet.


If you notice that your readings are not accurate over time, perform another Door State Calibration to see improved performance.


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