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Integrating with Google Home Conversational Action (iOS)

If you're using an Android device, please click here.

What is Google Home and Google Assistant?

Google Home is Google's bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled speaker. Google Assistant is their voice activated service.

How does Google Home/Assistant work with August?

As part of the integration, users of Google Home/Assistant and August an interact with their August Smart Lock using their voice via the Google Assistant voice service. They can lock their door, list their locks and check the status of their door.

I am a Google Home/Assistant customer. How do I set up Google Home/Assistant to lock my August Smart Lock?

Say "Ok Google, talk to August" to the Assistant
This phrase will enable the August action and allow you to connect your August account to your Google account. You can also combine this with what you want to do, as in "Hey Google, talk to August and check the door."

If this is your first time using the August action in the Google Assistant, then the Assistant app will prompt you to link your accounts and provide you with a button to start the process. You can get the Assistant app from your phone's store:

Note: The August Connect is required in order to set up Google Home/Assistant with the August Smart Lock. Make sure you download the Google Home app.

Why can the Google Home/Assistant NOT unlock my August Smart Lock?

August is working with Google to enable this functionality as soon as Google enables it on Google Assistant. 

Does Google Home/Assistant work with all August Smart Locks?

Yes, if you have a bridge like the August Connect and you are an Owner of the lock.