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Integrating with Amazon Echo/Alexa Custom Skill (Android)

If you're using an iOS device, please click here.


What is Amazon Echo and Amazon Alexa?

Amazon Echo is Amazon's bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled speaker. Alexa is their voice activated service.


What is the difference between Smart Home Skill and Custom Skill?

A Custom Skill is available in the "Skills" section of the Alexa app. A Custom Skill can be invoked by phrases like "Alexa, ask August to lock my Front Door". The Custom Skill allows you to unlock the door using a pin code. 

A Smart Home Skill is available in the "Smart Home" section of the Alexa app. A Smart Home Skill can be invoked by phrases like "Alexa, lock my Front Door". At present, the Smart Home Skill does not allow unlocking the door. Amazon is working to provide that functionality soon. For further instructions, click here.


How does Amazon Echo/Alexa work with August?

As part of the integration, users of Amazon Echo/Alexa and August can interact with their August Smart Lock using their voice via the Alexa voice service. They can lock their door, unlock their door with a PIN code, and check the status of their door.


How do I set up Amazon Echo/Alexa to unlock my August Smart Lock?

If you currently have the August Home skill enabled, you will need to re-link your August account to enable unlocking with a PIN code. You can ask Alexa to unlock your August door for further instructions.

If you’re adding the August Home skill for the first time, you will be asked to create a PIN code to use the unlock command. You can leave the PIN field blank if you do not want to use the unlock command. Detailed instructions can be found below.


I am an Amazon Echo/Alexa customer. How do I set up Amazon Echo/Alexa to lock my August Smart Lock?

Note: The August Connect is required in order to set up Amazon Echo/Alexa with the August Smart Lock.

Make sure you download the Alexa app.

Step 1: Launch the Alexa App

Step 2: Tap "Skills"

Step 3: Search for "August" in the search box and tap on the "August Home" skill.

Step 4: Tap Enable.

Step 5: Enter your August email address and password to link the account.

Step 6: You will receive a code via text message, enter it to verify the account.

Step 7: Tap agree.

Step 8: To unlock with Alexa, set a 4 - 12 digit pin code. I you do not wish to use the unlock feature, you can leave this field empty.

Step 9: You are ready to use the "August Home" skill on Amazon Echo/Alexa.

Step 10: Tell Alexa "Ask August, to lock my door".



Why doesn't Alexa recognize my door name?

Some lock names are more difficult for Alexa to recognize. Common names that seem to work well include “Front Door”, “Back Door”, “Side Door”, and “Garage Door”.

Read here on how to change the name of your lock.


Why can't I link my account? What's wrong with my OAuth login?

Once you click "Sign In" you should see a new page where you can enter the SMS code we sent. If that does not happen, ​please review your email address carefully and make sure the capitalization is correct. It should match the email address you used to create your August account exactly. If your email address is exactly the same as in your account, please double-check your password.