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August Smart Lock - HomeKit Edition - Installation Guide

Note: This article includes instructions using the single universal mounting plate. If your August Smart Lock came with three numbered mounting plates instead of one, please download this pdf instead.

This guide will get you up and running with your August Smart Lock. Installation generally takes less than 15 minutes. If you have any trouble, please call our customer support team at the number included in your Getting Started guide, or email

Confirm Lock Compatibility
Make sure your existing deadbolt is compatible with the August Smart Lock. Only standard single-cylinder deadbolts are supported. Use our compatibility assistant to double-check:

What's In the Box

1 August Smart Lock (4 AA batteries included)
1 Adhesive strip
3 Adapters
1 Mounting Plate

What You'll Need

Phillips Screwdriver

1. Prepare your existing deadbolt.

Affix the supplied adhesive strip over the key hole, securing it to the exterior side of your door. This should hold the key hole in place when you remove the thumb-latch on the inside of the door.

On some doors, such as those with glossy paint, the included tape may not be strong enough. In this case you should apply additional stronger tape to ensure that the key hole stays in place. Use caution. Some types of tape, such as duct tape, may damage the paint on certain types of doors.

2. Remove your existing thumb-latch.

Position your thumb-latch so that you can unscrew the existing screws on your deadbolt. Remove the screws entirely from the deadbolt and keep them to assist in the next step. After removing the screws, be sure to unlock your deadbolt before removing the thumb-latch.​

Your thumb-latch may include an additional back plate underneath it. If so, remove the back plate, and use the back plate and the longer screws for the next step.

3. Position and attach the mounting plate.

The included mounting plate has two adjustable screw-holes that can be repositioned as needed.

Remove the screws from the thumb-latch and insert them into the front of the mounting plate (the back of the mounting plate is flat and includes 4 pre-attached rubber bumpers). Use the screws to install the mounting plate over the existing deadbolt tailpiece. Moderately tighten the screws by hand until the mounting plate is settled against the door. Do not over-tighten the screws - over-tightening can deform the mounting plate and interfere with the operation of the lock.

4. Select and attach the correct adapter.

Select your adapter from the Compatibility Chart above.

(If your lock brand is not in the chart, slide each adapter onto the tail piece to find the right one. The correct adapter will have the small nub pointing up.)

Place the correct adapter onto the tail piece with the small nub pointing up. Tighten the screws until they are moderately tight. Do not over-tighten - over-tightening can deform the mounting plate and interfere with the operation of the lock.

5. Attach the August Smart Lock.

Insert the adapter into the back of the August Smart Lock, then position the August Smart Lock with the August name badge at the bottom.

Pull out both side wing latches. Slide the August Smart Lock over the tail piece and attach it to the mounting plate. Make sure the back of the lock is flush with the door.

To secure the August Smart Lock, clamp down both side wing latches to the mounting plate completely. If the latches are difficult to clamp down, go back to the last paragraph of step 4 and ensure that the screws have not been over-tightened. If the wing latches won't clamp down properly, you may need to adjust the tightness of the screws.

6. Remove the battery tab.

Press down on the August logo located at the bottom of the face plate. The top of the face plate will tilt outward. Grab the face plate and remove it.

While holding the batteries in place, remove the plastic battery isolation tab. Make sure that the battery is properly seated in its compartment.

Place the face plate back onto the August Smart Lock. Make sure the August logo is located along the bottom of the face plate. The face plate attaches with magnets straight onto the August Smart Lock.

7. Use the August Home app to complete setup.

Download and install the August Home app. Select "Get Started" from the home screen, or, if already logged in to the app, select "Set Up a Lock" from the main menu.