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August Mortise Kit FAQ

What locks are compatible with the August Mortise Kit?

Currently tested locks include special order passage mortise locks:

  • Accurate 9124
  • Schlage L96XX Series Passage Lever Set
  • Yale 8801 Mortise Passage Lever Set
How can it be purchased?

The August Mortise Kit is available to locksmiths, builders and other trade professionals on a volume purchase basis. Trade professionals looking to make a purchase of August Mortise Kits can contact August Pro sales at

Is there a list of trade professionals certified to sell the August Mortise Kit?

We are currently compiling a list of trade professionals nationwide and will make that list available on as soon as it is ready.

Will it work internationally?

We have not tested August Mortise Kit on international locks; however, if the locking mechanism is required to rotate more than 120 degrees, August will not be compatible. There must also be 2.5 inches of radial clearance from the center of the locking mechanism for the August Lock.

Is the August Mortise Kit a retrofit application?

The August Mortise Kit was designed to attach the August Smart Lock directly to the existing, installed mortise lock.

Can I keep my existing hardware on the outside of the door?

Yes, the only change to the existing mortise is the replacement of the inside “thumb turn”.

What colors will be available?

The first Kit color available is silver with more colors to follow. The color of the Kit is independent of the color of the August Smart Lock that is selected.