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Airbnb Integration FAQ

How does Airbnb work with August?
On behalf of the host, August can seamlessly manage guest access to Airbnb properties equipped with August Smart Lock.

I am an Airbnb host. How do I set up my Airbnb property for automatic access management by August?
After connecting your account, all of your August Smart Locks and Airbnb properties will show up. You'll pair the locks with your corresponding Airbnb property, and then you are all set. By default, the host's locks are not paired to their Airbnb property. The host needs to connect at least one lock with their Airbnb property.
If they don't, the guest will not receive an August Keychain for their Airbnb rental. 

When you confirm a guest's reservation, August will automatically invite the primary guest to use the August Smart Lock during their stay. After the guest downloads the August app and connects their August account with their Airbnb account, they will be be able to view  and confirm their upcoming reservation. Guest access will be automatically revoked when the reservation ends. 

What if my guest does not want to use the August Smart Lock?
Your confirmed guest will be sent a Welcome Email that requests that they contact you to make alternate arrangements, if they are not interested in using the August Smart Lock.

Do I need to install August Connect to be able to participate?
The August Connect is not required, but it is recommended if you would like to remotely operate the August Smart Lock. If your guest does not have a compatible phone (check compatibility here), you will have the option of remotely unlocking the property for them. A Connect paired with an August Smart Lock is required for remote operation.

What if my phone battery dies? 
Your guest can use another phone to log into their August account.

What if the guest has an older model or unsupported phone?
The guest can call the host to remotely unlock the property (Connect required)

What if the guest doesn't have cellphone coverage or a data plan?
The host can share their Airbnb property's wifi credentials ahead of time, enabling the guest to to connect their phone to the residence's wifi at the door.

What if only some of my guests are interested in using August Smart Lock?
You can store a physical key inside your property and share its location with the  guest. The guest can start using the physical key once they enter property using the August Smart Lock.

How will potential guests know that my Airbnb property is equipped with The August Smart Lock?
In the Amenities section of your Airbnb listing, you can add “This property supports keyless access powered by August Home”. 

I am an Airbnb GUEST

How do I use The August Smart Lock for my upcoming Airbnb reservation?
The Airbnb property you reserved must be equipped with The August Smart Lock AND the host must have authorized August to manage guest access to their Airbnb property. If both conditions have been met, you will automatically get a welcome email from August with instructions upon confirmation of your reservation by the host.

When making a reservation, the Amenities section of the Airbnb listing may state whether the property supports keyless entry by August. If not, you may have to contact your host to find out.

There are additional guests in my reservation. Will they be able to use the August Smart Lock too?
Only the primary Airbnb guest receives automatic access. You will have to send your guests’ phone numbers to the host, so the host can grant access to your additional guests.