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August Access FAQ

What is August Access?
August Access is a new service that provides secure, trusted home access via the August Smart Lock for top service providers, including repairs, shipping, cleaning, pet care, grocery, food delivery and many others.

What August products do I need in order to use August Access?
At minimum, you would need to have the August Smart Lock installed although it is useful to also have the Smart Keypad in case the service provider does not have a smartphone. The Doorbell Cam adds the ability to see who is at the door and speak with them remotely through the August app before providing access.

Do I need to have the August app and the service provider app in order to use August Access?
It is only necessary to have the August app to use August Access - you can discover and sign up for available third party services through the app.

Is there a cost to use August Access or is it a free service?
There is no cost to use August Access, however, regular fees apply depending on what service you are using.

What are the benefits of August Access for both the customer and service provider?
The customer is able to have an enhanced service experience with real time notifications and the service provider is also able to profit from lower transaction costs since the first attempt at delivery will always be successful.

What services are available through August Access at launch?
A range of repairs, shipping, cleaning, pet care, grocery, food delivery and other home service providers including - Postmates, Sears, Handy, ApartmentList, Shyp,, Envoy, Doorman, Pillow, Alfred, BloomNation, Wagwalking and Fetch.

Do August Access partners have to pay to be part of the program?
Over the past year, our customers have been granting service providers access to their homes and August Access is our way of wrapping a layer of security around actions that are already being taken. Now, August Smart Lock customers can view products and services being offered by a wide variety of partners, who have signed on as part of our beta program.