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August Smart Lock HomeKit Enabled FAQ

What is different about the August Smart Lock HomeKit Edition compared to the original version?
It is enabled with Apple HomeKit and has an updated industrial design.

Are there any design changes to the lock?
Yes, but they’re minor.  Updated ring knurling pattern and updated faceplate attachment mechanism.

Is the installation process the same or different from ASL V1?
The physical installation of the HomeKit edition of the Smart Lock is the same as for V1.  Setup in the app will now include an additional step to enable HomeKit.

Does the battery last longer than ASL V1? How long?
Our expectation is that the battery life for the HomeKit edition will be similar to the battery life of the V1 lock.

Has the motor been upgraded or is it the same as ASL V1?
The motor is the same as the previous version of August Smart Lock.

Does Siri work remotely?
Yes, if you have a 4th generation apple TV within Bluetooth range of your August Smart Lock that is setup to work with HomeKit. You can then use Siri remotely or operate remotely through the August app. 

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